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In 1993 started the Sapan Choppers Bromma in a garage in Sundbyberg. The room was too small so after a year of searching, a cave was found in Stora Mossen. The place was built for the needs that existed then and has being rebuilded after that over the years

In 1995 we met a nice motorcycle club named East Coast Riders MC from Småland in Sweden, and discovered that we had similar values and interests. One thing led to another and suddenly we found ourselves driving to Kalmar region every now and then. Now we felt that we had very much in common and had really good fun with each other. We started to discuss a partnership that slowly grow in mutual respect of each others form and function. Sapan Chopper stood in the same place without going forward, so the new beginning was in order! The Board had a vision of merge ring of the clubs. After 2 years meets and requirements were met, at last the day came when we got our East Coast Riders MC colours.



Outside of club in Bromma

On February 7 was the date for joining our clubs together. It took place in East Coast Riders MC:s premises in Stockholm. Party started at Friday and and was followed by the new colours and champagne breakfast on Saturday morning. The day started with limousine ride and sauna with lunch, followed by a club dinner. In the evening came invited guests and no one was sober at that night. This event was a big success. What we have now succeeded is to bring new blood into the two clubs and take the full advantage of a long and fine motorcycle building tradition.

In the middle of spring day

Group photo of Krillans fish - "Henrik & Gädda

Where from the bar

Bullen takes a small nap
"He just forget to lay down"

Thinking in the bar

Bar without a guests

Bar night in the cave
"Big brother steel is watching"

Having a drink in bar and club day at Broncos

Krillan and Matte drink beer with Logards MC

"Sometimes someone takes a nap in the bar"


Zandra, Putte, nn, and a happy Bullen in Party
"Place we have forgotten"

Bike and a biker!

There is most likely "Tuborg" in the tap!

"Always ready" is our supporters motto!


Old philosopher had said: "Man has always had and will always have a need to grow stronger and to learn, the day that man stops to grow and develope, he will die." For this little farce we want to conclude and welcome all motorcycle clubs to have a beer when your way goes pas the Stockholm. Ride and have fun.

Freja Freaks på besök
Fredde - Jonne - Lången o Micke